Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago


           Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is known for her outstanding educational achievements. She is a brave and strict senator. She used to make people laugh because of her very good sense of humor.
          Miriam Defensor Santiago is the eldest among seven siblings of Judge Benjamin Defensor and Dean Dimpna Palma, a retired College Dean, who took Masteral in Childs Psychology. Miriam graduated valedictorian and so her brothers and sisters are all honor students. She thought they are brilliant people. She believes in genetics. As early as five years old, Miriam speaks like an Ancient Anglo American Literary. She also wanted to be a scientist. She is different from ordinary girls who loves to play "bahay-bahayan", dolls and etc. Miriam find it funny. She said she likes to play with chemicals!
          Miriam grew up in Hechanova St.  La Paz, Iloilo City. She graduated valedictorian  in La Paz Elementary School. Her secondary  in Iloilo Provincial National High School, where she is the Champion in the Spelling Bee Contest. As a freshman student she became the editor in chief of their school paper and graduated valedictorian. Miriam took Political Science in UP Visayas where she is the top passer in the entrance exam. She was the editor in chief of their College Paper, a campus beauty and graduated Magna Cumlaude. 
        Miriam loves to read. She owned a private library with over 1 million books. She loves Historical Nobles. She is also a writer, She write books about Law, Political Science and Philosophy. She became the first writer in the prominent newspaper, the Philippine Collegian.
           Miriam married to Atty. Narciso Jun Santiago in 1971. 
          In 1983-1987 she become the Regional Trial Court Judge in Quezon City. She was appointed as the Commissioner in Bureau of Immigration and Defortation and a Ramon Magsaysay awardee for fighting Graft and Corruption. In 1989, she become the Secretary of the Development of Agrarian Reform. In 1992, she run for president, but, said to be cheated by Ferdinand Ramos. In 1995, she was recognized as the Most Outstanding Senator. In 1998, she run again for president but defeated by Joseph Estrada. In 2011, she was elected as the First Filipino in Asia to be a judge in International Criminal Court as a Legal Expert.

PBB 737: The Bombshell Baker Won!

          Dawn Chang, 26 years old, after being chosen of her co-housemates and the teen housemates that is qualified to be part of the Big 4. And after winning the three challenges made ​​by Big Brother. Finally, the Bombshell Baker won the first slot to the Jump to the Big 4! 
          The first challenge is the Sinking Boat Challenge where she was teamed with teen housemate Ylona Garcia. The boat has holes. To avoid sinking they need to scoop out the water. After six hours Miho (the Sexy Mom from Japan) and Franco (Teen Big 4) lose the challenge after sinking their boat and the rest of the team won the challenge including Dawn whose able not to sink and fill their boats with water.
          Then, the Maze Challenge where they need to bring the key to the top of the maze to get their love-ones out waiting on the other side of the door and also whose telling them what direction to go. Finishing the challenge with the shortest time before Miho, Dawn won the challenge and Roger (the Funny Tour Guide from Bacolod) was eliminated by completing the challenge the longest time. 
          The final is the Balancing Challenge where Dawn and Miho are the only housemates to do the challenge. After standing for almost six hours with their feet stepping in just a piece of a thin block of wood while their hand is holding a flag. Miho get tired and get out of balance, Dawn win all the challenges. 

          Dawn never failed to pray in all those challenges. She prays for strength, focus and patience. Ever since she entered the Big Brother house she is being consistent in everything she do. Dawn is known to have two mothers: Her biological mother, whom she called Mommy is a lesbian and her other mother whom she called Mama is the ex-girlfriend of her biological mother who adopted her when she was a baby. She was a result of a one night stand. She met her father only after 23 years. After an exchange message only in the internet and after having positive DNA result.
           Dawn is a half Filipino-half Malaysian. Graduated in All Girls Catholic School. She was a former Hot Legs dancer.  A performer in Hong Kong Disney Land. A TV Host, a baker and a dance instructor in Australia. 
          Its amazing what prayer can do!

PBB 737: The Big Jump to the Big 4!


Who among the five regular left housemates are going to be part of the Big 4? All of them believed that they deserved to be part of the Big 4. The thing is that there's only four slots and one of them will surely be evicted in the Big Brother house. Let's named them: 

Dawn Chang, 26 years old. The Bombshell Baker of Paranaque. A freelance model, dancer and a baker. She loves to cooked to her loved ones and she said she wanted to make a good wife.
Roger Lucero, 28 years old. The funny tour guide of Bacolod. A family man. He is the youngest among the twelve siblings. They only live in a cottage and he dreamed of having a comfortable life and a bright future for his family
Miho Nishida, 22 years old. The sexy mom from Japan. She is a Guess Relation Officer. She is a single mom. She got pregnant when she was 16 and she was not able to finish high school. Despite of what happened she want to have her child a bright future, to finish school and not to follow her footsteps.
Zeus Collins, 21 years old. The "Faces King County". He only finished first year high school. He used his talent in dancing to help his family.

Tommy Esguerra, 21 years old. The pretty boy of Las Pinas. He loves gymnastics, jujitsu, wrestling, surfing and playing golf. He likes a girl whose sweet, kind and family oriented.

Andrea Veneracion

Famous Filipino Artist in Music Category: Andrea Ofilada Veneracion or "Ma'am OA", as she is affectionately called was born on July 11, 1928. She is a Filipino choral conductor and a National Artist for Music in the Philippines. She is the Founding Choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers and is internationally recognized as one of the finest conductors, pedagogues and musicians of our time. She was also an adjudicator in numerous international choral competitions and was an active force in choral music before her massive stroke in 2005.

In 1997, Andrea Veneracion was awarded the TOFIL (The Outstanding Filipino) Award for Culture and the Arts For her contributions to the development of choral singing in the Philippines.

Eventually in 1999, Ma'am OA was named National Artist for Music, the highest cultural award bestowed by the Philippine government for an individual. In addition, the Philippine Madrigal Singers was named one of the Resident Artists of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Carlos Quirino

Carlos Lozada Quirino was born on 14th of January 1910 and died on the 20th of May 1999 was a Famous Artist in the field of Biography or was a famous Philippine biographer and historian.

Carlos Quirino is best known for his early biography of Jose Rizal. He also wrote several works on Philippine history and biographies of President Manuel Quezon and the painter Damian Domingo. In 1997 he was recognised as a National Artist of the Philippines for Historical Literature.

* Man of Destiny (1935)
* The Great Malayan (1940)
* Magsaysay and the Philippines (1958)
* Philippine Cartography (1959)
* Damian Domingo: First Eminent Filipino Painter (1961)
* History of the Philippine Sugar Industry (1974)
* Filipinos at War (1981)
* Amang, the Life and Times of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr. (1983)