Alma Moreno

Alma Moreno is a Filipino actress who has made her mark both as a popular movie and television personality. She was born Venessa Lacasamana on May 25, 1959 in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur to Frank Lacsamana and Jean Moreno, a couple who lived a simple, yet noble life.

She appeared in her first movie as a "dama" in "Urduja" with Amalia Fuentes. Her first starring role was "Ligaw na Bulaklak Part 2" with Vic Silayan, which launched her to full stardom . The 1976 film was directed by Philippine National Artist Ishmael Bernal.

From then on until the late '80s, Alma starred in a number of skin flicks that were big hits at the box-office. Thus, Moreno reigned as the "Sex Goddess of Philippine Movies" in the '70s and '80s.

Bernal also directed her in one of the best Filipino films of all time, "City After Dark". Her other notable films include "Makati Avenue Office Girls" and "Mga Bilanggong Birhen".

Versatile in sexy, drama and comedy films, Alma hosted a number of highly-rated television variety shows in the '80s for which she earned the title Shining Star. She also had a weekly television drama anthology, ALINDOG, a well-written drama exploring the lives of the modern Filipino women. Alma, who is also an excellent dancer, popularized a sexy, high-cut outfit called the “Tangga” in her TV shows like The Other Side of Alma, Rated A and Loveli-Ness. She has been nominated in various film and TV acting awards for her dramatic and comedic performances.

Ness, as she is fondly called in local show business, had a long live-in relationship with Action King Rudy Fernandez, with whom she has a son, Mark Anthony Fernandez, also an actor. She also figured in another high-profile live-in affair with the King of Comedy, Dolphy, which produced a son, Vandolph a former child actor.

Moreno later married actor-politician Joey Marquez. Their 12-year union produced three children: Yeoj, Win-win, VJ, and adopted Em-Em. The marriage was annulled in 2004.