Rudy Fernandez

Rodolfo Fernandez (born December 5, 1947 in Iloilo, Philippines) commonly known as Rudy and referred as the "Iron Man of Asia", is a multi-awarded, one-legged Filipino triathlete who had finished a degree in Physical Education.

Rudy had competed in running, swimming and cycling, and prides himself in always finishing the race despite the obvious handicap. He was a participant in an athletic competition in early 2005 held in Singapore.

In 1996, Rudy attracted attention by swimming from Guimaras to Iloilo, beating Terry Fox's record.

Rudy became torchbearer for two multi-sport events: the 2001 SEA Games, and the Palarong Pambansa 2005 (Philippine National Games). Currently he is supporting a charity that supports youth, especially those with physical disabilities and the differently-abled. This became his inspiration in joining Pinoy Big Brother.

He is currently married to Melba, a midwife, with whom they have three sons, the first names of which all end in -itz.

He had an amputation at the thigh of his right leg. The amputation was due to a bomb explosion in the Alegro Theater from his hometown in Iloilo on 1978. He began using a mechanical hydraulic prosthetic leg in the 80's.