Eduardo Castrillo

Eduardo De Los Santos Castrillo (b. October 31, 1942) is an award-winning Filipino sculptor. He was born in Santa Ana, Manila, the youngest of five children of Santiago Silva Castrillo, a jeweler, and Magdalena De Los Santos, a leading actress in Zarzuelas and Holy Week pageants in Makati, Philippines. Castrillo was a Republic Cultural Heritage awardee. He is also a jewelry artist and designer.

In 1966, Castrillo broke into the contemporary art field by holding an exhibit that stirred critics who had experienced "difficulty" in formally categorizing the range of Castrillo's works. In the same year, a great number of local and international collectors became attracted to Castrillo's atelier. In 1971, at the age of twenty-nine, Castrillo received The Araw ng Maynila Centennial Award (Manila Day Centennial Award), the Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award, and the Outstanding Makati Resident Award as well as the national Republic Cultural Heritage Award. Castrillo was later sent as the Philippine's official representative at the Paris Biennale and the Venice Biennale.

Castrillo's sculpting techniques included in particular "embossed copper" and "constructed and welded brass". Apart from creating intricate jewelery designs, Castrillo also composed visual art pieces for monuments, reliefs, galleries, objects d'art and theatre sets.