Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero

A Filipino Famous Artist Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero was bonr on January 1917 and died on May 1995. Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero was a very famous Filipino playwright, director, teacher and theater artist.

Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero has written well over a hundred plays, 41 of which have been published. Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero unpublished plays have either been broadcast over the radio or staged in various parts of the Philippines.

Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero publications include 13 Plays (first published in 1947), 8 Other Plays (1952), 7 More Plays (1962), 12 New Plays (1975), My Favorite 11 Plays (1976), 4 Latest Plays (1980), Retribution and eight other selected plays (1990) and The Guerreros of Ermita (1988).

Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero has been the teacher of some of the most famous people in the Performing Arts at present: Behn Cervantes, Celia Diaz-Laurel, Joy Virata, and Joonee Gamboa.

Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero has received three national awards: the Rizal Pro-Patria Award in 1961, the Araw ng Maynila Award in 1969, and the Republic Cultural Heritage Award in 1972.

The U.P. Mobile Theater has been a recipient of two awards when he was its director: The Citizen's Council for Mass Media Trophy (1966) and the Balagtas Award (1969).

In 1997, Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero was posthumously distinguished as a National Artist for Philippine Theatre.