Carlos Quirino

Carlos Lozada Quirino was born on 14th of January 1910 and died on the 20th of May 1999 was a Famous Artist in the field of Biography or was a famous Philippine biographer and historian.

Carlos Quirino is best known for his early biography of Jose Rizal. He also wrote several works on Philippine history and biographies of President Manuel Quezon and the painter Damian Domingo. In 1997 he was recognised as a National Artist of the Philippines for Historical Literature.

* Man of Destiny (1935)
* The Great Malayan (1940)
* Magsaysay and the Philippines (1958)
* Philippine Cartography (1959)
* Damian Domingo: First Eminent Filipino Painter (1961)
* History of the Philippine Sugar Industry (1974)
* Filipinos at War (1981)
* Amang, the Life and Times of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr. (1983)