PBB 737: The Big Jump to the Big 4!


Who among the five regular left housemates are going to be part of the Big 4? All of them believed that they deserved to be part of the Big 4. The thing is that there's only four slots and one of them will surely be evicted in the Big Brother house. Let's named them: 

Dawn Chang, 26 years old. The Bombshell Baker of Paranaque. A freelance model, dancer and a baker. She loves to cooked to her loved ones and she said she wanted to make a good wife.
Roger Lucero, 28 years old. The funny tour guide of Bacolod. A family man. He is the youngest among the twelve siblings. They only live in a cottage and he dreamed of having a comfortable life and a bright future for his family
Miho Nishida, 22 years old. The sexy mom from Japan. She is a Guess Relation Officer. She is a single mom. She got pregnant when she was 16 and she was not able to finish high school. Despite of what happened she want to have her child a bright future, to finish school and not to follow her footsteps.
Zeus Collins, 21 years old. The "Faces King County". He only finished first year high school. He used his talent in dancing to help his family.

Tommy Esguerra, 21 years old. The pretty boy of Las Pinas. He loves gymnastics, jujitsu, wrestling, surfing and playing golf. He likes a girl whose sweet, kind and family oriented.